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Carousel Cloud Player for Mersive Solstice

August 8, 2019

Player Status: BETA

Mersive Solstice Pod support for Carousel Cloud is currently released as a Beta. It may be missing certain features or have known issues, which are outlined below.

As this player is in Beta, the setup and/or deployment instructions for this player may change during the course of the beta. Please review this document carefully and check back often for updates on instructions or known issues.

Check our changelog for updated information.

Supported Devices

The following device types are currently supported.

  • Mersive Solstice Pod (Gen3+)

Known Issues

The following issues are known to occur on this Player. We are working towards a resolution on these issues and will keep this list updated as issues are resolved. 

  • CSL-2863 - Standard bulletin transitions do not crossfade

    All bulletins will do a cut, not a crossfade.

Player Setup Instructions

The following steps will allow playback of Carousel from your Mersive Solstice.

Visit the Player Setup screen of the player configuration section of your Carousel Cloud Account, then select the Mersive Solstice.

Copy the link for the player URL

Paste the link into the Digital Signage Setup tab in the Solstice Dashboard application.

Once the Mersive Solstice Pod loads up it will display the Carousel Cloud Player registration page. Simply register your player to license it for use with your Carousel Cloud account and it will begin displaying your initial channel.

For more information on registering a player, please visit this page

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