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Carousel Cloud Player for BrightSign

August 8, 2019

Player Status: BETA

Brightsign Player support for Carousel Cloud is currently released as a Beta. It may be missing certain features or have known issues, which are outlined below.

As this player is in Beta, the setup and/or deployment instructions for this player may change during the course of the beta. Please review this document carefully and check back often for updates on instructions or known issues.

Check our Changelog for updated information.

Supported Devices (Beta)

The following device types are currently supported.

  • XT244
  • XT1144

Known Issues

The following issues are known to occur on this Player. We are working towards a resolution on these issues and will keep this list updated as issues are resolved. 

  • CSL-2782 - Memory Leak on BrightSign devices

    Uploaded Video playback in Carousel Cloud is currently causing a significant memory leak on BrightSign devices, which is causing them to reboot over time. Full support for video playback will be available once this issue has been resolved. In the meantime, uploaded video playback will be attempted, but please note that doing so will cause the player to reboot when it eventually runs out of memory. The frequency of reboots depends on the amount of video scheduled for playback.
  • CSL - 2864 - Standard bulletin transitions do not crossfade

  • Crossfade transitions between standard bulletins are causing a significant memory leak on BrightSign devices. Bulletins will use a "cut" transition until this issue is resolved.

Player Setup Instructions

The first thing you will need to do is download and install the latest version of BrightAuthor from BrightSign's website onto a PC with the ability to write to an SD card. 

BrightSign Device Settings 

Step I

Launch Bright Author, then select Tools > Setup BrightSign Unit. This is where the individual BrightSign units settings are configured. 

This will be where you set up IP addresses, network settings, DWS etc.

Create the desired configuration for the specific BrightSign unit.

It is recommended that DWS and logging be enabled should you require logs to provide to Tech Support, similar to below.

You will also need to Specify Firmware Update on setup. That firmware needs to be 8.0.69 or higher.

Step II

Click on Create Setup Files to place those files on an SD card formatted FAT32. 

Presentation Configuration

Step I

Then, create a new presentation. To do that you will need to click on File > New Presentation. In this dialog, you will enter a name for your presentation (this doesn't matter), the model BrightSign you are using (XT Series 4 players are currently supported), and the resolution and orientation of your channel (portrait mode is not currently supported).  

Step II

Once your presentation has been created you will then add Carousel to that presentation. On the left under the other tab (Media Library > other) there is the HTML5 option. Drag that to the frame on the right.

Step III

Once you have dragged HTML5 to the playlist it will say, "No HTML Sites are defined. Would you like to add a site now?" and you will select yes. There you will enter a name (again doesn't matter) and the Player URL found in the Player Setup screen in your Carousel Cloud account. 

To find the Player URL for your account, log in to your Carousel Cloud account and click on the Gear icon. Navigate to ConfigurePlayersPlayer Setup, and click on the BrightSign player icon. This will display the Brightsign Player URL. Copy and paste this URL into the site in BrightAuthor.

You will then be prompted for some additional settings for your HTML5 widget. Check Enable external data, and leave everything else disabled.

Step IV

You will then need to set your storage settings. To do this go to Edit > Preferences and then the Storage tab. Here are the settings which have been tested and are currently recommended:

Step V

Now you will need to Publish your presentation to the SD card. This is done by going to the Publish tab. It will prompt you to save your work and you should. There you can have the presentation you created play all day, every day or on whatever schedule you would like. When you click publish select the drive your SD card is in. This will write the presentation to the SD card and direct the player to your Carousel Cloud account. Eject the SD card, then insert it into the Brightsign player, then power it on.

Step VI

Once the BrightSign player loads up it will display the Carousel Cloud Player registration page. Simply register your player to license it for use with your Carousel Cloud account and it will begin displaying your initial channel.

For more information on registering a player, please visit this page

Debugging or Troubleshooting Options

JavaScript Developers Console

To enable the JavaScript console you will need to do the above steps and add the following step as four and then continue the setup steps.

Step IV (Optional)

If you would like to enable the web inspector for what your BrightSign is displaying you can go to Presentation Properties > HTML Sites and enable Enable javascript console. This will allow you to navigate to your BrightSign's IP address :2999 and get the javascript console.

Download File: