Media Players

We focus on making the best content management software
and use 3rd party media players to display the content.

Obviously that means we have some pretty strong opinions about media players!

Apple TV

Why Apple TV rocks as a media player

Apple TV is a dedicated media player that has a modern, secure, supported OS and it's completely manageable by standard tools that IT professionals know and love. The best part ... Apple TV costs a fraction of the price of the classic media players.

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Why Apple TV Rocks as a Media Player

Installing Carousel for Apple TV

Apple iPad

Carousel Cloud Player software for the iPad.

We love bringing more value to multi-use devices like the iPad by integrating digital signage. Whether you are using the iPad as a dedicated media player or as a multi-use device, we know this will help you communicate better.

Mersive Solstice

Extend the reach of digital signage with Carousel
in your conference rooms.

With the rise of new collaboration and video conferencing tools, there is a much better way to communicate to the people in your office. Integration with the Solstice platform extends the reach of digital signage into your conference rooms in a very cost-effective way.

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BrightSign - Coming Soon!

Carousel + BrightSign

Carousel plus BrightSign is powerful combination for customers who want a digital signage network that allows for broad participation, helps keep content fresh, and values long term sustainability.


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